BANDANA - Sound of Johnny Cash

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More than 400 shows across 6 european countries and more than 95,000 miles in the tour bus since 2001 makes BANDANA the most booked Johnny Cash tribute band of Germany, maybe even of Europe.

The name is program: We play THE MAN'S songs from his 1st single "Cry, Cry, Cry" to his last songs in their distinctive sound with vocals / acoustic guitar / electric guitar / upright bass / snare drum / piano / trumpet and harmonica. And of course the sweetest duets with June Carter. Alternatively, there is a big lineup with 3 background girl singers for the distinctive harmony vocals of "The Carter Family".

On each anniversary of John's birth and death (Feb. 26th / Sept. 12th) we play special JOHNNY CASH MEMORIAL CONCERTS where various guests read from the biography and the band plays matching songs live in between. Furthermore we may also show some rare video footage and after a little intermission we play a concert for another hour where we take song requests from the audience.

The band's name BANDANA refers to the Mexican's word for the cowboy's kerchief as well as an instrumental, which was often the closing theme for many a Johnny Cash Show in the old days.

Bodo Martin
Beethovenstr. 14b
+49 (0)173-2440327
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