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This project was founded in the so-called Couchzone (Couchsyndrom, TeamGEIST, assemble Art), Bjoern Hoegsdals home studio, in summer of 2004. The Kiel native singer/songwriter Jan Hase Mielke (Elope, Bunny Hunters) played a self composed pop song into the computer. Afterwards Bjoern accompanied it with a beat, which evoked following spontaneous comment: Hey man, thats radio material, Ill be darned. Once a feeling for this music developed, Butch Quattro (Disco Maxim, Ford Broncos, Twang Gang), a songwriter and guitarist is taken on board. On Mondays the songs are composed in Mikes living-room and are transferred on Wednesdays to the Couchzone recorder. Henrik Druener (Frank Stallone & the Astronauts), keyspecialist and organist, and bass player Lars Stulle Stuhlmacher (Transporter, Oli-Band) refine the compositions with their musical expertise. Beats and production are developed by Bjoern Hoegsdal. During the life sessions the group is joined by Christian Droese, another well known local musician. This project is mainly about solid as well as sophisticated song writing with ear candy character. Pop, Rock, Disco, Wave and White-Toast-Soul are combined by Leda and the Swan into their own melange, where above all, the song is the real star.

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