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In a small sleepy town somewhere in south west germany - november 2002
After the boys found together and started playing coversongs of their favourite bands, they decided to take it a litte more seriously and wrote their first own tunes. for the next two years Super Absorber opened a lot of shows around their town and in the southern part of germany to get some stage experience.The absorbers found out that it is fun to enjoy playing music plus having the privilege of getting paid with beer and food.

Summer 2004 - Time to record a first demo
The guys recorded their first demo titeled with the important words "Where's The Toilet Key?!" at the Soundmachine Studios in Mannheim, germany. The logical consequense was that they got offers to support national and international bands like Fire In The Attic, Muff Potter, Donots, Snitch (CH),Redlightsflash (AUT), Streetlight Manifesto (USA) and others.

2005 - Super Absorber joined the family
The band joined forces with Fond Of Life Records to contribute a song called "so much more" to the compilation "In Defense Of Rock II" in cooperationwith Winged Skull Records from luxemburg. For their debut 12-song album "Costumes" released by Fond Of Life Records in december 2005, Super Absorber approached things a little differently. they went with a new producer to master the new material named Brad Blackwood who worked with bands like Against Me!, All Out War, 3 Doors Down, Pezz,ZZ Top and many more. they also tried out a different studio called PMT Studios in Lautern,germany, which is owned by Lewis Dean plus they slowed their recordingschedule drastically, spending a month locked in the studio laying down tracks and geeking out over mixes. the fellows say they just wanted to make a record they liked and didn't give a fuck what anybody else thought. chances are,though, that plenty of other people will dig it - so go and check it!

2006 - Year on the road
For the new year Super Absorber want to spend as much time on the road touring to promote their new album. if you want to give them a chance to perform a powerful live gig - just get in touch!

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