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Right before Summer 2002 - Split off the old Band "Alive?" 3 of 5 Members are left and the Search for a new Drummer begins. After a short Period of time the perfect match is found, Tobi "Monsieur Dahlignee" Dahlinger of "Envy" is now playing under the Flag of the new Band. After a few more weeks, a new name with a perfect relevancy is found. From now on the Band is called "Right before Summer".
After some practicing, few scattered Gigs are played to fetch up with the reactions of the Audience.

The First Demo under the Flag of Right before Summer (selfttitled) is recorded A few more Gigs have been played.
(January) Right before Summer is invited to play @ the MUSIKFESTIVAL in Aalborg Denmark (20000 Visitors) which gives them the opportunity to play in a Country they`ve never been before. After 3 Days of travelling and playing, the Concert was a huge success, and the selftitled Record is completly sold out.

Some more Gigs are Played.
(March) After some more Gigs, Right before Summer began to record the next EP titled "In for the Heartache" @ they`re befriended Bands practicing Room (Dayrot). After some weeks of mixing and mastering the Record was finally done and it was a big improvement forment to the selftitled record.

Nowadays the first and the second Edition of the EP "In for the Heartache" is completly sold out (205 CDs), and the preparations for dealing up with a record Label and a Booking Agency are being prepared.

Right before Summer

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