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A idea developed from experience and co-operation for many years with Latin American musicians. 2005 were to be presented it after some preparation time so far the Salsa Big Band Sol Naciente. The conception is to combine a professional vocal section consisting of Maire Ramirez Ronda (Cuba), FranK McLean (Panama) and Alex + Leo Garcia (Peru).
In the tradition of the old large Salsa orchestras, like e.g. Mario Bauza or Machito and his orchestra, SOL NACIENTE combines new ideas and different styles with mordern arrangements to a newsound concept. The reedsection e.g. carries a particularly large part by the enormous instrument variety, like altoflute, piccolo, bass-clarinet, Englishhorn, oboe, clarinets, etc.,

The combination with the other hornplayers you get the sound of a mixture of Gil Evans and Mario Bauza. So the arrangements has written for the indivudual musician. Under the direction of Wolf Kerschek and Dirk Frederik Klawitter the ochestra is united to a big sound orchestra.
Each year guest star from Cuba are invited and projects are specified, which are e.g. supported by sponsors like Unicef UYO.

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