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"Gonzo - rocky, swabian, witty - with the ultimate power of an Onion cake (without cumin). The Swabian Six-Pack is since 20 years the secret star of the noodles scene around Stuttgart in the south-west of germany - real rock'n'roll with swabian dialect lyrics and an uncompareable stage performance.

"Weit, weit weg (Far, far away)" is the title of the fifth album of the band. It puts the small and big problems of everyday life - in Swabian Dialect and with much humor. The Swabian lyrics - sometimes funny, sometimes profound - and the musically perfect arranged and produced album titles makes the new CD to an absolute "Must Have"
for Swabian rock fans and those who want to be.

Gonzo is one of the most successful rock bands of our time in Swabia. They started back in 1989 at the SDR-competition "talents to the microphone," and the band has developed continuously to one of the top acts of the Swabia rock scene. The six Swabians were a part of the study "Schwaben images" of the Ludwig-Uhland-Institute in Tuebingen, they won the 2004 competition SWR4 "Boeblingen - Anthem, "and this year they contributed the song "Mir send Blaue" on the Kickers-Fan album (a local Soccer-Team, 3rd league) which is in a current version also on the new album.

Olli Petersen
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