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"DAZE means music from inside the heart; my stories and yours, reality, fantasy and the neverending
quest of finding authenticity, honesty and love, in a time of coldness and control."


It all started years ago, when I and my brother grew up,
listening to our parents collection of LP's.
Our favourites were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
We don't use much techniques in songs, we are melody-fanatics. We acquired kind of an understanding of melodies and structures, cause we grew up with them, listening to music without expectations and pretensions, just as a child does. Later, we dug punkbands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, the Clash, classical Punkrock. We love the three chord-rule! There's a huge repertoire, lots of ideas which we banned on tape. While listening to them for a thousand times, we started to upgrade and enlarge our sound. Actually three members of Daze are writing songs,
which guarantees a variety of different tastes, different musical chambres. It's fun to grow musically. It's interesting to watch the changes! Since ten years we go our way and we'll go it, till everyone heard our music and the opinions inside. Our doggedness brought us on the road in Switzerland, Germany and even the USA. It's the only thing, the work we love to do.


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