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Minze represents fresh music with roots in all different styles. Pop, Rock, Jazz... None of these niches seems fit to accommodate this band's vividly unique style. Minze is different, or just pop? Probably both. Maybe it's this special mixture of thoughtful lyrics, soulful melodies and an incredibly tight band that captures the audience - and won't let go.
The band's vast energy immediately becomes evident. In their first rehearsal the songs "Komm Schon" and "Niemand" are laid out. Mutual appreciation as well as a seemingly infinite pool of ideas are the basis of this formation. Rehearsing several times a week they manage to right fifteen songs over the course of just a few weeks. Expectations are high when the band finally prepares to present their work to the public. Minze delivers from the start. Simply good luck or just pure chance? Neither. It's the maturity of each instrumentalist as well as the lead singer's unique voice that makes up the band's incomparable appearance. They play clubs as well as Open Air venues and support renowned acts.
After working out even more new songs the band retreats to the studio to record their material and work on arrangements.
Now the time has come to bring the music out to the world.
Minze is ready, are you?

Lioba Rencher
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