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THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has come a long way since their formation in January 2006. They have played over 20 shows in various European countries within 2 months, recorded and released their debut EP, wrote over 15 songs and have now started recording their first album. Some of their coevals need 2 years or more to keep up with what the band has accomplished within only 6 months. THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has proven that professional work ethics combined with unbridled passion for playing music and the willingness to make sacrifices can shortly push a band in the upper echelons of the independent music scene.

Featuring ex-members of Europes well known underground acts PAINT THE TOWN RED (Join the Teamplayer / Thorp Records) and FLYSWATTER (Eat the Beat / Roadrunner) THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENTs musical orientation is forshadowing. Their genre challenging combination of hardcore and rock-music is equally touching as it is brutal. The bands recognizable chrouses and powerful melodies rotate with blasting walls of heavy guitar-riffs and punchy drums. The vocalists violent screams and bittersweet singing is fraught with raw and powerful emotion. Adressing to all fans of heavy yet melodic music, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT maintains a deep-rooted hardcore sensibility at any time.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENTs self-conception is reflected in their thoroughly honest and downright personal lyrics about crucial decisions and their impact on life, personal loss and the challanges of relationships. No tearstained love songs or lukewarm cries for help, but outspoken statements about the waywardness of life, and the resolution to confront it.

With the release of their debut EP entitled Munich Angst on Engineer Records (UK / USA) in August 2006, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has now built a reputation for excellence not only in the realm of live performance but also in the studio. The band considers both areas as equally important and gives 100% of their time and energy to come up with the audiences and their own expectations.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT is currently working on their first full length record. It will contain 10 new songs that mark another giant step forward for the band. All members have tried to create the most candid, outspoken and emotional music that they can, an intention the listeners will thankfully embrace. The songs were recorded at Suiseidl Studios in Munich and will be mixed and mastered by K. Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios in October 2006. An exclusive 5-Song pre-recording demo is available for labels in August.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT are five young men who have poured all their hearts and souls into music. The band is able, willing and hungry to explode.

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