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Joelen Mingi, the musician with the exotic look, could already celebrate his first success with his electro-band Feu Ma Mere. Together with Alexander Klaffke, Joelen Mingi released following rarities: "Sound Of Intimacy, Asphyxia, Neurasthenia" and the cult-album "Seasons Of Mournful" although both "very young musicians" they did very well in the independent scene.

Goal of this new band was to keep the mood and depth of the music of the former band Feu Ma Mere. But the important thing was to transform the ideas from the former electronic sound into the real rock line up. The band always followed its gothic roots, enriched them with their familiar creative highlights, which can be heard in each and every album.

THE ANGINA PECTORIS prove their professionalism on stage by making the audience move, hypnotizing atmosphere and getting the people in the mood. This experience remains long after the band has vanished in the mist on stage.

This interesting mixture contains all kinds of styles, which make THE ANGINA PECTORIS unique, not only in the gothic scene.

After the world tour of the band, in 2000 - 2001, silence collide to each member. Now 2006 is here for Joelen's solo projects. This site serves as a monument and starting point for those interested in his career.

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